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There are so many websites being watched daily in Pakistan. It may be YouTube, Google or Facebook which are most famous in the world and everyone spend a handsome of time on these websites.
Today I am presenting you Top Ten websites being watched in Pakistan which are Pakistani based; which means the websites which are based on Pakistan and built by the developers of Pakistan. You guys don’t have to agree, as these are just my Personal list, but this list is based on some of the true factors which I have been watching over a period of time.
So below is the list, I’ll try to explain these in details


As Some of you knows that is the most visited news portal of Pakistan and provides latest and breaking news in Urdu. ranked # 1 in Pakistan. Daily Jang once an honest, truthful and fair news source. The best newspaper in the country, Whose providing information to Pakistani people within and outside the country.The audience for this website are from 25-34 years of age and people who went to graduate school are its maximum user. The most interesting thing of this site is that, this site is visited more frequently by males as compared to females.


Website which stands on second position in Pakistan is This site is also a news portal and give information about latest breaking news. The content of this website is based on breaking news, political reviews, sports section, weather updates and entertainment etc…


Everyone in Pakistan is familiar with the brand name “geo”. This is TV channel of news and entertainment
So is its website news. you can get updated information of Pakistan from this website, very informative site which keeps you update every second.The audience for this website is from 25-34 years of age and people who went to graduate school are its maximum user. This site is visited more frequently by males as compared to females.


Similar to other, is also a website of new and information in English. Very much familiar and mostly visits in educational institutions and offices etc.

#5 is another English website for news and a part of Jang group in Pakistan. Most popular among there competitors. Very honest and reliable source of information as there are maximum size of readers in Pakistan defense forces.


On sixth position there is another English news paper website which is too popular in Pakistan and all majority of people knows about it. This website is widely used in colleges and offices…


As a fresh graduate or post graduate every body would like that he or she get hired by good company as soon as possible, some of them get their jobs within no time and some are still struggling. is the Pakistan first largest job hunting website that connects talent with opportunity. Rozee is provider as a free service to job seekers as well as employers to help facilitate hiring and job searching. This site is maximum search by people between 18-24 years and graduates.


If you need a brand/used new car or want to sale it in Pakistan then is the most relaible platform where you get the real price of your car in no time. Pakwheel is dedicated to automobile industry in Pakistan where you can buy or sell your car. This site is viewed so much in Pakistan and people buy or sell their cars through this independent source daily. Males are the maximum user of this site as from females and people from 18-44 years mostly visit this site.


If we talk about politics, famous tv talk shows, stock market share rates,forex rates, restaurants info, online shopping, chatting, Islamic info, food and recipes and so many other daily needs then just log on and enjoys them all. The most favorite and number 1 web portal in Pakistan which offers varitey of services and tools attract all types of profiles in internet world, including professionals, business people, students, cricket lovers and so on… The most beautiful thing of this website is that, this site is mostly visited by the people of all ages from 18-54 and both males and females likes it and spent most of their time on this website. In simple way you may say that all things under one roof.


This site is related to Computers, Laptops, Monitors and all hardware accessories and belongs to the big market place in Pakistan. So lot of customers and viewers visit this website daily so it gain popularity in this regard.


So, you find the brief list of top 10 websites in Pakistan. There is on thing very unusual did you notice that 6 out of 10 websites are of same nature and the category is news. As we can say that the people of Pakistan are trying to get the latest of news and want to be updated on a very rapid pace. People of Pakistan are may be expecting something big to happen so they spend lots of time on these news websites.
Other than the news websites, big concerns are job placement, and accessories. The remaining websites are Rozee, Humariweb (portal), Pakwheels (Vehicle ) and Hafeezcenter (IT and Mobile accessories)
After this they login on and search about the job after searching job they go for entertainment at then they go to and for purchasing the products.
So do you agree with with me please let me know.
Take care

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